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Random end of day thoughts...

Today would have been my parents' 49th wedding anniversary. They both died too young. Dad was 34 when he died in 1967; Mom was 68 when she died in 2000.

Today is the 25th anniversary of the election of Pope John Paul II. Not long after his election, he came to Chicago and passed through a neighborhood close to ours. Needless to say, with the large number of Polish people on the Southwest side, this was quite an event. I remember in particular a corset shop on 47th Street that had a rather unique display in their window. The Pontiff's official portrait, in a sufficiently elegant frame, was positioned in the middle, with packages of the wares of this particular shop (bras and girdles) positioned around him, arranged so that the model on each package was gazing upon him. You really had to see it.

My grandfather would have been 98 tomorrow. He was an athlete, a math professor, and a devotee of the number 11. He died on December 20, 2001. 122001 is divisible by 11. We all wonder if he planned it that way. It wouldn't surprise me. I remember the night he came to dinner, and after saying Grace he gave us all the finger. He was probably the smartest man I ever met. I was named after him. I remember he stood up at my wedding and commented that I had been cursed with his name. I never saw it that way.

Not much else to say. Good night.


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