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Thanks to Virginia Postrel for linking to an article about this: has face recognition software, and, for signing up, will take your picture (or any picture of a person) and compare it to their celebrity database. I fed a recent picture of myself into it and discovered that I resembled:

Kevin Mitnick (who he?)
Chava Albertstein (who she?)
John Williams
Takeshi Kitano
Nana Moskouri (who is, incidentally, a dead ringer for meropa)
Imre Kertesz
Jose Saramago
Billy Bob Thornton
Primo Levi
Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

In other words, a couple of people I know and a few that I don't. So, I took my fifth grade picture (the one where I look like Alfred E Neumann) and got this:

Ava Gardner
Audrey Hepburn
Sharon Stone
Heinz Fischer
Keanu Reeves (DUUUUUUDE!)
Tony Curtis
Kajol (?)
Tom Selleck
Frida Kahlo
L Ron Hubbard

And, with my eighth grade picture:

Ion Iliescu
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
Julie Christie
Julia Roberts (from nearby Smyrna, GA)
Lucy Liu
Kirsten Dunst
Alyson Hannigan
Alanis Morissette
Nicole Kidman
Isabelle Adjani

Seems I should have been a hot babe in 8th grade. So, I ran my high school picture (the one where I look like Jerry Mahoney) and got these results:

Henrik Larsson
Ephraim Kishon
Benoit Mandelbrot
Oliver Messiaen
Jean-Paul Belmondo
The Dalai Lama
Arthur Miller
RADM Grace Hopper, USN (the inventor of COBOL)
Annika Sorenstam
Daniel Radcliffe

I don't even know who half of these people are. But it was fun, anyway. Try it yourself!
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