John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I had a reasonably productive day today, which is a good thing. I made a lot of the easier changes to our training database (i.e. ones that didn't require a whole lot of understanding of how they all fit together). Things could slow down a little bit tomorrow, as I begin to explore uncharted waters.

Speaking of which, Mary is starting school tomorrow to learn to be a medical office assistant. She'll be going every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of March, then starts an externship to practice all that she learned. Keep her in your thoughts; she's nervous about it.

I spent a few minutes today, pulled out one of the many writing prompt books that I've accumulated over the years, and did one of the exercises. I wouldn't say that it was great, but it was kind of like 3-in-1 oil: it loosened something that's been stuck for some time. I wasn't concentrating on writing a story, I was just writing my thoughts on a topic. I can go back later and build it into a story. I'll do that for a while, just to get myself back on track. I think what helped was that (a) I didn't think about any of my usual gang of suspects/characters while I was writing, (b) I didn't think at all about any stories I've written or even about stories that I've been mulling over, and (c) I wrote it and put it away, and didn't bother to think about what I was doing. I just did it. Kind of like running scales to warm up, if nothing else.

It's Monday night, meaning Two and a Half Men and CSI: Miami. That new show with Jenna Elfman, the one that they cancelled Out of Practice for, is on as well. If I watch it (i.e. if Mary doesn't decide to go channel surfing while I'm trying to watch it), you might see a review tomorrow. Unless I'm busy. Whatever.

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