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Everyone else is doing it...

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There were a few that weren't available: Help! was one of them, as well as the original Sabrina (sorry, the remake with Harrison Ford just got it all wrong). But this is a very representative sample of some of my favorites.

Oh, and here I am when I was much younger (half a lifetime ago, if you can believe it), during my piping days. Sorry, no picture of me in a kilt, yet...

Don't know if I'll get this small, but I'm definitely losing weight.

I'm back to the doctor tomorrow to see how well I'm doing and to find out what else she has in store for me. I'm going on a liquid diet for at least part of my meals. For me, that will work. I've discovered that I like chicken and fish quite a bit, and have learned to tolerate even broccoli, although I wish to God that restaurants carried more than that. There are thousands of vegetables; how is it that broccoli and squash are the only two at most restaurants?

Today, one of the newer trainers did class. The boss, needless to say, was sitting there, and damned if he didn't do everything he could to destroy her credibility. The awful thing was that I'm sure he wasn't aware that he was doing it; I'm sure he was convinced that he had to do it to placate one or two ornery students in the class, but I can tell that it really hurt the new trainer. I can't say anything because I'm only a contractor and I need the work, but it's getting tiresome.

Anyway, enough about that.

OK! So, enough for tonight. See ya later.
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