John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Got this from friendsafire and, since it was geared toward women, I showed it to two of my Ghostletters characters and let them fill it in:

First, Mary Cecelia O'Brian, last year's host during "Down the Rabbit Hole" Week, a/k/a the "scary lady:"

You Are a Classic Beauty!

You have a timeless beauty that looks great in every decade
Instead of following trends, you stick to what works
And this means you never skimp on your beauty routine
Upside? Your classic looks tends to attract gentlemen - not boys.

She just laughed. She tends to attract flakey musicians, old detectives and cynical smartasses, truth be told.

Then, Lana Dean, former NY1 and WTCN-FM (New York City) TV and radio personality and now trying to figure out what to do with the money she inherited from her father, who she never really knew until a couple of months ago:

You Are a Feminine Beauty!

You make any guy feel like a man, simply by standing next to him
You have a classic womanly appeal - and you've got a look for every occasion
This doesn't mean that you can't kick back in (designer) jeans and sneakers
You just prefer to be girly and sweet as often as possible

She said that this was actually pretty close.

I know, I should have done the same for Abby, Doris, sister-in-law Guadalupe, niece Jessica, Flan's wife Grace....

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