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John Holton

We spent most of the day out today. Mary, as mentioned previously, had a CPR class that she needed for her certification as a Medical Office Assistant, so she did that in the morning. Meanwhile, I went to Starbucks armed with Night Kills by Charlotte Hughes that I started reading yesterday afternoon, a notebook and my copy of Story Structure Architect, by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, which I picked up about a year ago and hadn't managed to spend much time with outside of the bathroom. I've been having such an awful time getting myself writing that I figured it couldn't hurt to work some of the ideas in a book, and by God it got me writing. (And before you ask, magnetox1, you'll have an update on the saga before the end of the evening.)

I moved on to Borders and bought myself a couple of books: Undead and Unappreciated, by MaryJanice Davidson (another in her Betsy Taylor, Queen of the Vampires series; I think a few of you would appreciate them. This one started with her visiting an AA meeting at the Thunderbird Motel, which I've written about in the past) and The Simple Guide to Customs and Etiquette of China, in preparation for my trip late next month. I was going to buy the Frommer or Fodor guide, but since I'm not sure where (or even whether) I'm going, I figured I'd save that purchase until things firmed up more.

Mary called while I was there and told me that her class was going to get out early (turns out it got out 1 1/4 hours early; that's some fine instructing), so we went to lunch (we both had tilapia in a bag at Red Lobster that was delicious), then went to see The Pink Panther. It is hysterical; on at least one occasion I thought I was going to lose bladder control. Perhaps not as good as the original series (Peter Sellers being a comedic genius, and Herbert Lom wonderful as Chief Inspector Dreyfuss), but lots and lots of laughs. Steve Martin and Kevin Klein are excellent as Clouseau and Dreyfuss, Jean Reno is a natural in what I believe is the first comedic role he's played, and Beyonce is, well, Beyonce.

Then, off for more coffee, and we got home about an hour ago. In all, a wonderful (if overcast, rainy and, on the way home, snowing slightly) day.

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