John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Fell off the wagon, briefly, at dinner. We hadn't taken anything out for dinner, and the chicken wasn't thawing fast enough, so we had pot pies. Hey, I've been really good through all of this, I was entitled. This once. Tomorrow, we have chicken, rice and something else, and I take a long walk sometime this week.

I'm working from home this week, after having spent last week in class. My instructor was the assistant training manager, and was fantastic. Made me want to give up altogether. I learned a lot from him, and not all of it was the subject matter. This coming week I'll be doing database updates and potentially preparing for a class next week in beautiful San Jose, CA (it's a short trip, if it comes off). Back to Topeka the following week, then off to China (wherever I'm going) the week after that.

Did pretty much the same thing as yesterday, but shopped at Barnes and Noble and skipped the movie.

I've got an idea for a novel that's germinating. More as it develops.
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