John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Connie update

The cat's doing much better after several days on IV fluids. Mary went to see her today, and she was acting like her usual self. The staff at the vet's office love her, and she's been demanding (and getting) lots of attention. Mary says that she's been purring and cooing as she always has.

Unfortunately, her liver is swollen, and pressing up against her stomach, and she's not eating. Of course, cats don't generally eat very well at the animal hospital, but still, it worries me. Tomorrow, they're going to do some surgery and try to biopsy her liver. I've been forewarned that there are always dangers when there's surgery, but I think it's a risk that we have to take, and I'm confident that she'll pull through just fine.

Thank you all again for your kind thoughts and prayers for her, and for us. They've helped tremendously.

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