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The answer to this might surprise the hell out of a few of you:

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Judeo-Christian Ethics (The Golden Rule)

Essentially this ethical school of thought can be summed up in 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Only do something to someone which you would like to have done to you in return. This is the ethical principal which is least prone to criticism.

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Kantian Ethics
Ethical Egoism
Ancient Greek Ethics

'What ethical system do you fit in with?' at</td></table>

Some of you are probably shocked that my score was so low on utilitarianism, me being a Libertarian/classical liberal and all. Some of you may take this as your indication that I'm some sort of neocon, or as one of you might put it, "noecno". Frankly, I don't think that judeo-christian ethics and classical liberalism are incompatible at all. See, I believe that I am my brother's keeper, and anyone who would fob that responsibility off on the government so that he or she can feel more comfortable about their own prosperity is an asshole.

Just had to say that.

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