John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Back in beautiful Topeka, KS (or as I like to call it, Gateway to Holton, just down the road from Stull, which has the portal to Hell) this week, training a different group from the Postal Service. I've discovered something with them: there are always one or two guys who give me a hard time, and they always sit in the same seats in this classroom. It's as though some sort of cosmic energy has them sit next to the wall in the first two rows. Go figure.

I've been debating whether or not to get an iPod for my birthday. I've kind of had my eye on the 60GB model that just came out, but I've heard some really negative things about it, chief among them is that it comes pretty much a la carte: if you want anything else, such as an AC adapter, you pay extra, and pretty soon you could end up paying $600 for a $400 device. I've also heard that the screen gets scratched pretty easily, and I'm wondering whether I really need the video capabilities, or if I want to spend countless hours converting music that I recorded in WMA format to AAC format. Anyone have any experience with this or the 30GB model?

Went out last night and, after dinner at Chili's (their margarita grilled chicken is fantastic, and maybe the only thing on their menu besides the salmon that I can have), I went to Target and bought a lot of little stuff, like batteries and a wireless mouse for my laptop (I had one of the retractable ones and wore it out in about three months, if you can believe that). I also bought a drink shaker for my "meal shakes" that I'm having twice a day. At home, I do them in the blender, but it's a little hard to pack that. Yes, I know it looks like I'm making martinis. No, I don't care. You do what you have to do sometimes.

The Unit premieres tonight after NCIS. Something to look forward to.

See you all after work.
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