John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I got back to my hotel this evening and found my room in the same state that I had left it in this morning. In other words, the housekeeper forgot to clean it. I was going to raise hell, then I decided that I was too tired to do that and that I could live with it the way it was. I have plenty of towels, and I can go out for coffee in the morning.

Class is going all right. I was having all kinds of trouble with my laptop, for some reason. I think it might be the freeware PDF creator that I've been using. I tried printing a portion of a Powerpoint file with it, and it basically sucked in the sides of my computer. I have almost a gig of RAM, so I wonder what's going on?

I've been having trouble with my laser pointer, so I bought new batteries for it--three of those little button batteries that in total cost more than the pointer did. And it's still giving me trouble. Maybe I'll buy a new one at Petsmart the next time I'm there--they have the same exact laser for about half the price and they're selling it as a cat toy. Rrrrrr... (You know, there's a Petsmart close to here. Maybe they'll have them. Maybe I should just break down and get a good one. It's just that I like this one a lot; it's small and it hangs on a chain that I can fasten to a belt loop so I don't lose it.)

Speaking of which, I miss my cats. All of them.

I had the tilapia in a bag at Red Lobster for dinner (highly recommended), then went to Starbucks for a while, where I finished reading Kate Wright's Scriptwriting is Storytelling. She offers a lot of good pointers, things that I've heard before but nothing that I've ever put into practice. One funny thing (or at least I thought it was): she has a list of websites in the back of the book, one of which is either Who Represents or Whore Presents, depending on how you read the URL. Probably both. It's a good book; she designed it to be the one you read after Field and before McKee. If you're even remotely interested in screenwriting, it's worth it. I got it for Christmas a year ago and never quite got down to reading it until now. I also got the Riverside Jazz album they've been selling; I'm listening to it now. If you love jazz, you'll love this one.

The Unit was kind of dull. Guess I should have watched House.

Well, I've ranmbled on enough here. I'm going to finish listening to this album, then hit the sack. Good night, all.
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