John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

So, I finish class today instead of tomorrow, and I figure, great, I'll call Delta and change my flight. There are half a dozen flights before the one I'm taking, I'm sure to get on one of them. I was R-O-N-G wrong. They had one first class seat on the early bird (that leaves at 5:40 this morning, about five hours from now) for the princely sum of $620 (including thmore eir f*cking $50 change fee), another flight at 9:30 that lands in Cincinnati, where I would wait for something like four hours (pretty much enough time to drive to Atlanta from Cincinnati), and that was it. So, I'm staying with my original flight, sleeping in tomorrow morning and taking my time getting to the airport. I have PLENTY of time to get to the airport.

I wandered around a little bit this evening, stopping at Best Buy for new earbuds, wandering aimlessly around Barnes and Noble for an hour or so, then coming back to the hotel in time for CSI: NY, which was really good this evening. I was going to pack, but got involved in one of those projects that has kept me up until now, so I'll just pack in the AM. Heaven knows I have plenty of time and I don't plan on leaving here until I have to (noon, as I recall).

Class, as it turns out, went well. I got much better ratings from this group than any of the prior groups I've trained, largely because no one got disgruntled about the software and decided to kill the messenger. In fact, I think the attitude of this group was better. Either that, or, because I can now spend more time on my feet, I spent more time walking around the room while they were doing exercises. I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth here.

I don't feel tired. I can't explain that.

Anyway, more later this AM.
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