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John Holton

My desktop's been tied up most of the last 24 hours converting my collection of .wma formatted music into MP3, courtesy of iTunes. I've been meaning to consolidate my music for some time, just haven't gotten around to it until now. I wasn't overly impressed with iTunes at first, but I like the way it works for the most part; there are just a few klugey little things that are no doubt a result of Mac programmers writing for a Windows world. A lot of the music I have in WMA is stuff I don't listen to much (there are a few that I swear I've never listened to), but I keep it around anyway. It's kind of neat how iTunes tells you how many days' worth of music you have. I've got about two weeks' worth. Not much by some standards, but enough to keep me entertained.

It's a beautiful day here in Georgia. It was a little warm and humid earlier, but right now it's wonderful. I may join Mary out on the deck in a minute, although we're getting close to sundown, so I probably won't be able to read out there for much longer. Still, it's nice out there.

We spent the day as we usually do, over lunch and a few cups of coffee. The manager at the local Houlihan's, who's a friend of mine, stopped by to say hello, and managed to knock a partially full glass of water on me. Other than being a little damp, I was fine. They've been tearing down most of the stores in that particular shopping center to put up a Target, and he said that so far, the crews have knocked out the water twice, the gas once, and today the phones were down. You have to wonder sometimes.

Had a phone meeting with my client yesterday, and the upshot is that most of the training materials are going to be rewritten. That's a good thing. More work for me, and it'll make my job in the classroom a who'lot easier. I won't have to compensate for the lack of detail that is the result of just throwing together a PowerPoint. A lot of the good detail about the product is locked up in the minds of the more senior staff, and we only hear it when they decide to take over our classes. This way, it'll all be written down. We're also taking a different approach to the training, one that actually requires a certain amount of instructional design. Gee, what a concept.

I'll get back to the funnies next week. I just haven't felt up to doing them the last couple of days.
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