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John Holton

Finished class at noon today, so I drove over to Canton. My flight isn't until 6:40, and the Canton-Akron airport isn't one of the nicer ones (it's kind of dinky and they're in the process of expanding, meaning that everything's torn up), so I stopped for lunch at Longhorn (their Sierra Chicken is good), used a 15 percent off coupon at Borders for a book for the ride home, and I've been answering emails and LiveJournal comments at Starbucks since then. I'm looking forward to getting home.

Class went well. I haven't read the evals yet to see what they thought, and probably won't until I get home and have had a good night's sleep. I think they liked it, though. I'm hoping this nets me more money.

I heard some of the funniest things while I was at the client. One of the people told me that, at one of his former employers, they named all of the reports after Japanese movie monsters, e.g. Megalon, Godzilla, Mothra. He said that it made for some interesting meetings ("Godzilla says it's 10, but Mothra says it's 11?"). Then, one of the women in class mentioned that she used to run a report that showed senior management what everyone was costing, so that they could decide who to lay off. She called it the BOHICA report, for "Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!" Claims they never picked up on that.

Mary is now a certified Medical Office Assistant, and passed her online exam for her online Windows course with flying colors. She had a lot of help from me on the latter, but took the exam all by herself and got all of the questions right (she verified it with me before submitting it). She starts looking for an externship next week, but won't start until we get back from Chicago on the 6th. Yep, we're driving up next Saturday to see how the building is doing and figure out what the next step is. She's working on getting the title put in her name, so that ultimately we can sell it. Believe me, managing real estate from 750 miles away is no fun.

I forgot just how relaxing this is. There was a Starbucks in Mansfield, but I didn't get a chance to go there while I was in town. The hotel had free coffee and had apples and bananas out all day and night, so I was able to snag a lot of free stuff while I was there. Kind of nice.

Not much else happening at this end. This is a big weekend for me, as most of you know. Mary and I haven't made a single plan yet. We're just going to go whichever way the wind blows.

Talk to you all later from home!
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