John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Some funnies to start your week:

Day By Day features Jan experiencing an epiphany. The Sunday extra only makes sense if you've been following the cartoon. Which, of course, I'm going to assume that everyone is, because you always read everything I say and follow every link. Right?

4-Block World straightens out one of those mysteries for me. I've never actually seen the movie, although I remember when it came out and the furor that it caused.

Dilbert reminds me that (I think) Take Your Daughter To Work and Show Her How Much Your Job Sucks Day is coming up. I'm glad I work at home.

Drabble is a new take on an old joke. Funny nevertheless.

Get Fuzzy is included, because on more than one occasion one of the cats has gotten stuck in a drawer.

Luann was pretty good today. Again, an old take on a new joke.

Have a good week!
Tags: comics

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