John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton
john_holton's the's the funnies for you today... (Sing to the tune of "The Flintstones"):

Day By Day is a familiar situation. Seems we'd always get this guy when we'd go out for a team lunch.

Cox & Forkum features "Taliban Lite".

Winger catches the newly-promoted Minion in the act of being a capitalist.

Attack Cartoons examines "Pulling the wool over their own eyes".

Dilbert features Dogbert padding his resume. I like the idea of a marketing biathlon.

Get Fuzzy got me laughing hard.

Working Daze continues with Roy's watch. Poor guy doesn't stand a chance.

Unfit presents an idea that I'd like to see.

4-Block World's topic du jour: Optimists and Pessimists.

Good funnies day today. See you tomorrow.
Tags: comics

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