John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

All right! We got home yesterday afternoon, and I just wasn't up to posting at all. So, here's funnies from yesterday and today:

Yesterday's 4-Block World shows the game theory behind "Deal or No Deal". Today's is a sort of tribute to the late, great Gene Pitney, who I guess died recently.

Attack Cartoons from yesterday and today. Both very funny.

Cox & Forkum from yesterday is about the Blixatron.

Day by Day yesterday and today are both good. I love Damon's comment at the end of today's.

I really like today's Winger. How true, how true...

Yesterday's Big Nate shows him continuing to strugggle with that sudoku puzzle. Today he gets a little help....

Get Fuzzy continues its theme yesterday and today. The more this goes on, the funnier it gets.

Yesterday's Luann should explain to everyone why I love my cats so much. When I came home yesterday, they were all jumping on me.

Unfit tells us all about priorities. Actually, yesterday's talked about it, too.

And, that should catch me up. You know, I had started this earlier this morning, and it was lost, but I was able to recover it from the autosave. Problem was, it was a bunch of snapshots of the post, and I've spent the last few minutes editing this. You'd think they'd just capture the last snapshot, but noooo....

Anyway, see you tomorrow with Friday funnies.
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