John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Severe weather got me up about two hours ago (fortunately, no twisters, but plenty of thunder and lightning and rain, plus Mary in the living room watching the local weather), so might as well do the funnies:

Cox & Forkum has a comment on NBC's plans to create the news rather than to report on it. Guess losing Katie "The Chipmunk" Couric is going to hurt them more than they thought.

Meanwhile, Day By Day continues its commentary on the whole matter.

Big Nate is about "beginner's luck". I hate her, too...

Mary could relate very well to today's Drabble.

Bucky catches heck from Rob in today's Get Fuzzy, and, as is usually the case when dealing with cats (particularly Siameses, not unlike my own Lucy), he's not paying attention. (Right now, she's parading around my office, screeching loudly, trying to wake Mary for some reason.)

I honestly wonder what Mike, the star of Unfit, sees in her.

freyas_fire will probably appreciate today's Working Daze.

I'll have to add 4-Block World later.

Have a good Saturday.
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