John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I've been up since about 4:15 this morning, thanks to thunderstorms that came through our area around then. kraftygal, you and yours doing OK? I think it probably passed us, though we got plenty of rain.

We saw Inside Man yesterday afternoon, and though I can't say it was the best movie I've seen this year, it was enjoyable enough. There was an interesting plot twist, Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster were good, Christopher Plummer reprised the role that he's played a thousand times (former Nazi hiding his past), and in all it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Some of Spike Lee's camera work made me dizzy, and I wasn't really sure about the intercutting (from live action to victim interviews, obviously done later), but in all it was a reasonably good experience. Mary gives it a B; I give it a B plus. We're probably going to see Lucky #Sleven today. I saw Lucy Liu on The Early Show yesterday, and she's in it, and I always liked her in the "Charlie's Angels" movies. She is, evidently, planning to make a movie based on the old Charlie Chan movies (they used to run on WGN in Chicago on Sunday afternoons during the baseball off-season, and they still show up on either Turner Classic Movies or AMC). Mary, who loved those old movies (as did I) is concerned that, in these far more politically-correct times, a lot of what made the old movies so much fun to watch is going to be lost. I think she'd do a better than average job, though, so I'll wait and see whether or not the project ever takes off.

Speaking of Ally McBeal alums, did anyone see Numb3rs last night? We had the foresight to tape it, which ended up paying off, because both of us fell asleep halfway into it.

Oh...I did end up getting an iPod...yes, the 60GB one (hey, you're only 50 once). Right now, I'm loading my entire music collection (which only takes up about half of the space) onto it. I had started last night, but the power got knocked out.

Anyway, that's all for now. More later, maybe.
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