John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

OK, I know it's late. I've been on my way to Phoenix all day. Here's the funnies, if you ain't already got there today:

Day By Day points out a rather disappointing business decision.

Cox & Forkum is titled "Crasher". Go take a look.

All right. I have a sick sense of humor. Here's Attack Cartoons from yesterday.

4 Block World talks about brand loyalty.

Gaggle is about a rather disappointing decision made by the folks at, of all places, Comedy Central.

Dilbert shows how being honest isn't always the best thing. Or maybe it's just the way you do it...

EDIT: More on this situation here.

Big Nate makes me wish that I was going through sixth grade again. No, not really. But, in the old days, we used to have to find other ways to do this.

Drabble reminds us all of the consequences of coloring Easter eggs. Has anyone ever seen a Ukrainian Easter egg? They're magnificent. Here's a link to a page about them. The Lithuanians dye their eggs all one color, then etch them with a pin. Here's a page on Lithuanian and Polish Easter eggs. Believe me, you don't want to break these eggs. Anyway, sorry for the cultural diversion there. Back to the laffs....

Get Fuzzy shows what most of us who work at home do instead of working....present company excepted, of course...

I love the sort of arguments that Jay and Ed are having in today's Working Daze. For the record, it's Lin-ux.

Have a good one. More updates in the AM from Phoenix.
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