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I'm losing my mind...

Either that, or I've been too tired to function lately.

After having packed for a weeklong trip and neglected to pack socks and underwear, I managed to leave my wallet (with my credit cards and driver's license in it) at the office yesterday, and didn't even realize it until this morning, when the receptionist handed it back to me. It had evidently fallen out of my pocket yesterday without me knowing.

The day went pretty well, without a major confrontation between me and the boss. Of course, we were at a customer site, so he couldn't exactly chew me a new asshole in front of everyone. As it turned out, he never did call me last night, which gave me the chance to get a good night's rest. He did let me in on the secret that the project for which I've spent most of the year preparing is on the bubble, and the management (which has turned over somewhat since this project began) is casting a critical eye on it. Perhaps the writing's on the wall for me?

And no, I didn't wear a Cleveland Cavaliers cap to work today. It was too damn cold for anything besides a knitted cap. Thank heaven Mary is a knitter, and that I did have the presence of mind to pack my winter coat to come up here.

Oh, a couple of things that make me feel old:

I received an email from the company that's putting together my 30th high school reunion, asking for my information. And yes, I know that some of my gentle readers weren't even around when I graduated.

Then, I went to dinner, and noticed that, at every table in the restaurant but mine, there was an elderly person, either eating with another elderly person or eating with their family. Very, very weird.

Oh, and just for the record, Mary and I have chosen a name for our yet to be selected Devon Rex kitten: Milton. Those of you who know me know who I'm talking about...

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