John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Thursday funnies:

Today's entry in the 4 Block World series on Steven Covey seminars.

Day By Day is about the Congresscritter from Georgia's 4th District.

Two from Cox & Forkum: A rerun from last year and a special for Earth Day. Be sure to read the article with the second one.

I was starting to worry about Eric Gustafson, a/k/a Carson Fire, but Winger has finally updated, and has another Earth Day tribute.

Attack Cartoons is about a recent celebrity birth about which summerlady could not care one bit.

Yesterday's Ipso Facto reminds me of my father-in-law, Joe, on his only daughter's birthday. Yes, today is Mrs. john_holton's birthday, and I will celebrate it by not seeing her until I get home late tonight.

Dilbert is about your reputation at the office.

Big Nate continues padding his school report. Anyone ever heard Tal Farlow's version of "Tea For Two"? He was incredible.

I haven't been able to figure out much about this week's Get Fuzzy, perhaps because I don't read "Pearls Before Swine". Should I?

My only reason for putting today's Luann in the list today is because of the second panel. I think I'd watch "CSI: Magic".

Unfit is pretty funny, knowing some of the chiropractors that I know. (We live near Life University, which is one of the larger chiropractic colleges in the country.)

Working Daze features more technical discussion with a non-technical manager.

I went and checked out today's Pearls Before Swine, and now I understand what Darby's been up to in "Get Fuzzy". Duh.

Anyway, I'm traveling tonight, and get in very early tomorrow. Comics will post when I can focus.
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