John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Your Tuesday 'toons:

Particularly in light of this post, itzwicks will probably most appreciate today's 4 Block World. Just go and read it.

Damon and Jan discuss recent (?) events in Day By Day.

Attack Cartoons is about the mating calls of moonbats.

It's been a while since Eric has done an update on Winger. It was worth the wait.

Gaggle gives us some insight into news coverage during an election year. (This is an election year, isn't it?)

Dilbert, both yesterday and today, reminds me of the time I needed to rent a car in Pittsburgh, and they gave me a Renault Alliance that hadn't even been cleaned. Do any of you remember the Renault Alliance, the car that would fall apart in your hands? (Door handle would come off, buttons would fall off in your hand, etc.)

Big Nate reminds me that the batting helmet didn't become a required piece of equipment in baseball until sometime in the mid-1960s, and the helmets with the ear flap weren't required until just recently. Now, you can't even throw a pitch inside without trouble.

Bucky is finding Satchel a tough sell in today's Get Fuzzy.

Pearls Before Swine is still broken, although if you ran it as a column, it'd read OK. Don't get a crick in your neck reading today's.

Unfit is about eternal optimism and eternal pessimism. Guess which one is which...

Working Daze shows intelligent management in action. She could just learn how to use the little touch pad thingy, too.

Anyway, back to database maintenance. See you tomorrow.
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