John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I brought my laptop out to the deck this afternoon and worked there. It was a gorgeous day here, and the yard is looking beautiful. While I was there, I saw several butterflies, including a gorgeous monarch. A little yellow one landed on me, and it made me happy. Symbolic, maybe? No idea. Out at Callaway Gardens, down near Columbus, GA, they have a butterfly house, and it's pretty amazing to sit there and have them land on you. I also saw a bunny hop across the yard (in a big hurry), and a big white cat came along, probably looking for the bunny. No, I don't plan on taking in the white cat; he wears a collar, meaning he belongs to someone in the area. Pretty cat, though.

I managed to finish the data entry into my database and to get it upgraded to the latest build. The numbers don't look right, but as I understand it they've changed the way the application does its calculations, so I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt, at least for now. The important thing is that I have a good dtaabase, as far as I know, and that will help with the material development tremendously.

I'm evolving into the technical support person for the group, and I'm pretty happy about that. The boss asked me to train some new trainers in the gentle art of running a server on a laptop, care and feeding of a database, and any other things that I might find relevant.

I'm tired this evening. I've done a lot this week, and it feels good. I'm off to watch the rest of Numb3rs, and then to bed. Have a good evening.
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