John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Saturday in the funny pages:

I know some of you live in the area of the Jersey Shore, so you will particularly enjoy today's Ipso Facto.

4 Block World is about what should be one of my favorite TV shows, but for the fact that it's been scheduled opposite JAG and NCIS for most of its run. I do catch the reruns on FX occasionally.

Day By Day reminds me that there was either a female politician or a female newspaper editor who smoked a pipe.

Drabble reminds me of bedtime at the Holton house, where Milton decides he needs to be under the covers. For that matter, I had a cat who, for several years, spent most of his days under the covers and would only come out at night. Hey, that would make a good album title....

In Get Fuzzy, Bucky's on a new career path.

Guys in particular will relate to today's Pearls Before Swine.

Working Daze reminds us technical folks that 99 percent of programming problems come from faulty punctuation or spelling. The other 1 percent...well...

Have a good Saturday. See you tomorrow.
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