John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Comics for your Monday morning:

4 Block World is titled "I Am Woman".

I could not agree more with Cox & Forkum, particularly the commentary underneath.

Attack Cartoons compares Old Yeller to a certain world leader.

Today's Gaggle is about Helen Thomas and her favorite newscaster.

Anyone who's worked in high-tech, or medium tech for that matter, can sympathize with Dilbert.

Big Nate expresses my feelings about the first of May.

Drabble reminds me of about ten years ago, when Blockbuster was giving out free calendars that featured posters from hit movies. March featured a poster for Janet Jackson's Poetic Justice. It stayed March until October. Take a look at the poster and you'll see why. Now I'm only allowed to have Get Fuzzy, The Far Side, kitties, and the calendars from church (actually the local funeral home). (One day I'll have to tell you about the year that one of my workmates decided to be a nice guy and give all of his male co-workers the Sports Illustrated calendar for Christmas....)

I love the first panel of today's Get Fuzzy. I think the denizens of chi_white_sox will as well.

I know guys like the frog in today's Pearls Before Swine.

I've had managers like Rita in today's Working Daze.

That's it for today. See you tomorrow.
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