John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Saturday cartoons:

4 Block World discusses baseball antiheroes.

Bob Schieffer brings us news from Idaho in Gaggle.

Dilbert makes you wonder about the interviewing process.

Drabble redefines the notion of a drive-thru. I remember, in the days before I drove, I went to my bank to get money. The bank was closed, but the drive-thru was open. I tried to walk up, and they wouldn't help me, because I wasn't in a car. Someone came along and gave me a ride through. (You know, there's a McDonald's in West LA that is a walk-up window. No seating, except for a couple of picnic tables.)

Satchel finally gets to sleep in today's Get Fuzzy.

Pearls Before Swine shows how some of us watch TV shows for different reasons.

Mike and Stacey are asked to be godparents in today's Unfit. Hey, when my aunt asked me to be my cousin's godfather, I didn't ask questions, I was very proud to have been asked.

Working Daze knows how to shore up readership: show Carolina, Dana and Medusa in bikinis. Roy's going to have to teach me that trick.

Off to have a day out with my honey. See you tomorrow.
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