John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Mary and I spent lots of hours at Starbucks this weekend, mostly because we didn't want to stay home. I read a couple of books over the weekend, one of which was Bob Greene's American Beat, which came out about 20 years ago and was simply a collection of his columns up to that point. I always liked Bob Greene; I'm very disappointed that he lost his job with the Chicago Tribune, although I'm also very disappointed that the reason he lost his job is because, when given the task of showing an 18-year-old female intern around the newsroom, he instead took her to a hotel and had sex with her. The other book was First Cases, which was edited by Robert Randisi and featured short stories by various mystery writers (Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky, Lawrence Block, and the editor) which were effectively the first time each of them appeared in print. There were some that I liked, some I didn't, but I made it through, and found that it to be a pleasant experience. Randisi has evidently come out with several of these over the years (this one was published in 1996), but this was the first of the bunch.

Oh, and I had a Borders coupon, and I discovered that Mindi Abair has come out with a new album. I like Mindi Abair; she's a great saxophonist, she has a very nice voice, and, well, take a look.

Enough for tonight. Crossing Jordan is having its season finale in a few minutes. See you tomorrow.
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