John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Saturday funnies. Yes, I know it's nearly noon, but I slept in, OK?

Day By Day pokes some fun at the Senator from Arizona. It sounds like the guy is getting ready to run for President. I've always been of the opinion that you should never vote for anyone who wants the job that badly. I say this now because the next Presidential election is only two years from now, meaning that, beginning about 45 minutes after the last polling place closes in the next national election, the "Road To The White House" opens up, and I don't see anyone on it that I could vote for. Not even someone to vote for to prevent someone else for getting it. (Actually, I will probably sit out the primaries and vote for the Libertarian in 2008, just as I've done since starting to vote again in 1988.)

Winger gives us another update, this one backing the claims made by Flacky, the Flightless Factoid Fowl the other day. Eric promises more regular updates and "patriotic babes" next week. Could be interesting...

4-Block World brings us the 4-Block Sliding Puzzle. You no doubt remember this one, the one your parents would buy you while you were on a long road trip, with the 15 numbers that you had to arrange in order from 1 to 15, which was nearly impossible after mixing up the numbers for the first time? We finally figured out that the way to solve it was to pull the numbers out of the frame and put them back in, in order.

Looks like Dilbert is on to something here.

Big Nate shows us an example of a win-win situation, unlike what we're going to have in 2008 (see above). Notice that Nate doesn't consider that his father will no doubt put him in military school if he flunks out of school. In so doing, he also demonstrates one of the key tenets of Keynesian economics: Long term misery means nothing, short term comfort is everything.

Get Fuzzy demonstrates that you should never leave your wallet out when the cats are around. Trust me, I know.

Stephen Pastis kills off one of his characters in today's Pearls Before Swine. Don't worry, it's a cartoon death. He'll be back next week.

Working Daze reminds us that sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut.

By the way, did anyone see "Baby Blues" yesterday? Their website is showing everything a month later. I thought it was excellent. It was called "Parenting Then And Now". In the first panel, a kid is lying on the ground with cuts, bruises and other abrasions, and his parents are saying, "See? What did we tell you about climbing trees?" In the second panel ("Now"), a kid is lying on the ground, and his parents are saying, "We need a law to make trees safer." How freaking dead on is that?

Edit: I almost missed yesterday's Ipso Facto. I've had nights like this. I think all of us have.

See you tomorrow with more fun & games.
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