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Day after Thanksgiving update

Had a good Thanksgiving dinner, just Mary, myself and the cats. We had turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce etc. that we bought premade at the Publix, so I just had to heat everything up before we ate. The cats didn't have any of the good stuff, by the way, they had seafood glop or whatever it is. Not that they didn't try to have some of what we had, but you know how that goes.

Spent part of today doing work that I had left to do from earlier in the week, that I've been avoiding. I need to make this presentation to the customer on Monday. Personally, I'd probably be better off just winging it, because they're probably not going to be all that interested in a canned presentation, but the boss wants a "polished" approach to everything, not the typical "John Holton pulls something out of his ass" approach, which evidently doesn't sit very well with him. Life's a bitch.

It's off to Cleveland again on Sunday. I'm not even sure that I have a seat on the plane. Which would be fine with me; I'd just as soon fly in the baggage compartment. It'd probably be more comfortable than the main cabin. I asked once if I could fly down there, and the gate agent asked how much I weighed. When I told her, she told me that I'd have to go freight. That wouldn't be bad...

Anyway, enough computer for one day. Hope everyone had a good holiday, those of you who had one yesterday.

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