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Chief Jack's Galley

There's a place for people who laugh at nothing...

June 13th, 2006

(no subject) @ 11:41 am


I am quite possibly on my way to Singapore next month for a short trip, so I had to run around this morning and get stuff together for my passport, since I only had four months left on mine and they need at least six. So, I went and had my pictures taken, and gathered all of the various other things you need for that sort of thing (the old passport, the money and the form to send in). I compared the old picture to the new one, and all I have to say is, man, have I aged. I was 40 the last time I had a passport issued, and my hair and mustache were dark. Now, I'm very gray and my mustache is whitish blonde.

I sent everything by FedEx to be delivered to them tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have the thing in time to go during the first part of next month. Of course, this trip could fall through, too, and this all might be a Chinese fire drill, but at least I'll have a valid passport and won't have to worry about it for another ten years, by which time I probably won't need one, anyway.

It's interesting: I figured out that I take exactly one trip each time I get a passport. I've had one stolen (in Canada), which is a whole other story, but by and large, I take one trip and it sits around for the rest of the time.

Anyway, I still have the addresses of those of you who wanted a post card from China, so I'll make sure that you get one from Singapore instead. If anyone else would like a card from me, send your mailing address information to john at john dash holton dot com. (Note, that's a dash, not an underbar.)
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Date:June 14th, 2006 04:17 am (UTC)
COOL! You will LOVE Singapore, except for the heat. My sister lives in Sembawang, Singapore. I visited her (I am sure I told you that). If you get a chance, you mUST go to the Singapore Zoo. It's in a REAL rainforest.

I've never used my passport since then either. But I got lots of stamps in it on that one trip. Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Ahh, memories...

Chief Jack's Galley

There's a place for people who laugh at nothing...