John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Ever heard Tommy Emmanuel? He's incredible. I had found his album The Journey a few years ago, and found two of his albums, Only and Endless Road, on eMusic. If you like great instrumental guitar music, he's worth hearing.

I'm back in the classroom tomorrow. I led the certification class most of last week, although I had lots of help from the training manager. Most of it wanted. I'll pick up again tomorrow and go through the end of the week. Should be interesting. I'm working on a different approach in the classroom, because obviously the approach I'm comfortable with isn't working and probably hasn't worked for some time. I take too much of a linear approach to the material, and people get bored and start asking off-the-wall questions. I'm of the school that believes that if the material is in the student material, it should at least be referenced, and in a class like this one, which is kind of like what Dilbert refers to in the second panel of this strip, there just isn't time. Actually, were it up to me, I'd have the learners do the reading on their own and have them spend their mornings doing case studies. I should suggest that.

Mary's at class this evening. This is her last class; tomorrow she takes the certification exam in medical billing and insurance. I'm positive she's going to ace it. She's not quite as confident. There's a graduation ceremony on Thursday, which she's decided not to attend.

She just called and let me know she's ready to be picked up. Later, y'all.
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