John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Mary and I saw The Lake House, with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, today. I'd give it about a B minus: not totally great, but above average.

If you've seen the promos for it on TV, you know pretty much what it's about. A woman (Bullock) leaves a home that she's been renting for several years and sends a note to the current occupant (Reeves), who happens to be living two years prior to when the woman sends the note. They find a way to carry on a conversation (through notes left in the mailbox at the title lake house), and ultimately fall in love. It turns out that their paths have crossed a couple of times in the past, and those times take on new meanings for both of them. By the end of the movie, they end up in the same time and fall in love. I'm deliberately not sharing a lot of the details, as you can probably imagine. There is a very good second story, involving Keanu's character's relationship with his father (Christopher Plummer). It's worth seeing; Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses (if a little old to be playing a doctor just out of residency), and Keanu Reeves seems to have finally outgrown his sci-fi/action movie image. It was filmed in the Chicago area, making this the second movie Sandra has done in Chicago (the other was While You Were Sleeping), and of course it's the second time she and Keanu have been in a movie together (remember Speed?).

The best part of the movie for Mary and me was during the credits, when a teenaged couple walked past and the girl exclaimed, "You're such a boy!" We're still laughing about that.

Anyway, it's a good movie. It'll be just as good on DVD, or when Lifetime shows it.
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