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Saturday evening

I love these 36 hour weekends. I got home at 11 last night, and I'm leaving for Cleveland tomorrow at 11 AM. Last week, I worked 40 hours, of which 24 will be billed to the customer. My boss wants me to bill 40 hours this week, even though I'm coming home on Thursday. I told him that I'd bill 32 hours for this week and next, but for some reason he doesn't like that idea. Last time I looked, 32+32=24+40, but apparently, they're not the same. I guess that's why I'm not a manager. Of course, I will forgo the obvious comment that I'd need a frontal lobotomy...

We picked up Milton, our Devon Rex kitten, today from the breeder. He's really cute. I haven't taken any pictures of him yet, because as we speak he's hanging out under the bookcase in Mary's office downstairs. I did get a chance to hold him. He's just like Connie was--a little furnace, real warm. He hardly has any hair yet, and he's all wrinkled. In short, he's gorgeous. I can only hope that he comes out from where he's hiding.

I'm beat. Tomorrow from Cleveland, if anything interesting happens.

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