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A real simple question, just because I'm curious about this sort of thing and because I can create a poll:

Are you right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous?

Right handed
Left handed

I've been reading a book called Write: 10 Days to Overcome Writer's Block. Period. by Karen E. Peterson, Ph. D., partly because I'm blocked but more because I got interested in the topic, which has to do with the whole left-brain, right-brain dychotomy. It's pretty well established that the right side of the body is controlled by the left side of the brain and the left side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain (implying, of course, that left-handed people are the only people in their right mind), and that the right side of the brain deals with concepts and emotions while the left side of the brain deals with the more concrete, facts and figures, etc. (I know, I'm leaving a lot out and probably getting some of it wrong, so go easy on me.) This book suggests that one should occasionally use their non-dominant hand, not so much to write but more to facilitate communication from the non-dominant portion of the brain. In other words, she gives a question, which you're supposed to answer with first the dominant then the non-dominant hand. (A lot of the questions are multiple choice, so you don't have to do much writing with the non-dominant hand and look like an idiot.) The idea is that the two hemispheres aren't quite as coordinated as one would figure, and using the non-dominant hand helps you to get into the non-dominant side of the brain and thus facilitates communication.

OK, so it sounds like psychobabble and BS and probably won't help me put a single word on paper, but the whole left-right brain thing is of interest to me. I took a class a number of years ago from a training consultant who had done a lot of research into mind-mapping, which sees the brain in four quadrants: left and right, and also cerebral vs. limbic. Engineers, for example, tend to be cerebral, right-brain types, while trainers (and nurses) tend to be limbic, right-brain types. Accountants are more left-brain, cerebral while bookkeepers are left-brain limbic. I guess it was one of those things that made me realize that there was a lot more to this learning thing than I first thought. Personally, I've always been curious about being ambidextrous. My interest began with baseball: many players throw right-handed but bat left-handed and vice-versa, and there are a lot of switch-hitters, who can bat either left- or right-handed depending on whether the pitcher is right- or left- handed (the hitter can see the ball better from a pitcher who throws with the opposite hand, and thus a left-handed hitter tends to do better against a right-handed pitcher). I also noticed that, while I'm right-handed, there are certain things (one of which I will NOT discuss here) that I do better with my left hand than my right. The first character I created for Ghostletters was left-handed, while his daughter (the scary Mary Cecelia) is ambidextrous.

Anyway, I've bored you to death. I'd appreciate it if you'd answer the question. (Yes, anderyn, I know you're left-handed, but stand up and be counted, as it were.)
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