John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

We FINALLY got some rain today. It's been very hot and humid the last several weeks (but you know that), but late this afternoon we had thunder and lightning, then we were deluged. Which is fantastic, because my lawn is parched and we've had rather draconian watering restrictions. See, last year, in their infinite wisdom, the Georgia DNR drained several million gallons of water from Lake Lanier and sent it to Florida to save some endangered species, so now we have a water shortage and the lawn that I spent a small fortune installing is now turning brown while I wait for my appointed time to water it. (And people wonder why I'm a Libertarian...)

The rain came with a lot of thunder and lightning, which means that we're getting lots of good negative ions and a good amount of nitrogen has been released, and everything feels nice and clean all of a sudden. My mood is certainly better, as is Mary's. I guess that's all that's important.
Tags: update

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