John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Hi everyone! Anyone miss me?


I got a call at lunch time yesterday from my coworker for whom I had installed that massive database the other day, to let me know that she had yet another one to install. So I spent most of yesterday evening waiting for someone to call to let me know where the damn thing was. No call. So I got up this morning and there was an email letting me know where it was. I started downloading it at 6:30 this morning, and it just now finished, an hour and 45 minutes later. I'm now unzipping was almost a gig in gzip format, probably about 10 times that size by the time I unzip it.

(Hey, can I call it or what? It was 10 gig unzipped. Do I know my utilities or what?)


I bought a couple of packages of file boxes yesterday, with the idea that maybe I can get some of this crap off of my desk and table. I'd like to leave the table for computers (the monitor for my desktop and my laptops), but (a) there's too much junk on here and (b) there's a huge printer/fax/copier/scanner taking up about half the table that I'd like to move to the TV cart, since I hardly use the damn thing. It's set up to handle a network connection, which means that I could attach it to a wireless device, which means I could move it out of the office altogether, into the spare bedroom or something, anything to get it off the table. Then I could use the writing desk as -- surprise! -- a writing desk.


You all will be happy to know that I paid for another year's worth of this happy LJ horseshit the other day.


My database is finally restored. Now to bring things back online.


Talk about timing. I had literally just finished running a couple of jobs on the database and starting the service back up for my colleague, and JUST AS THE STATUS ON THE SERVICE CHANGED TO "STARTED", my phone rings. It's her saying she can't get in. I say, of course, I just started the service for you. I'm waiting to hear whether or not it works OK for her.

Damn. I'm good.
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