John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

We had thunderstorms yesterday, so I shut off all of the computer equipment and used the time to clean my office(!). I untangled all of the various wires and cables that connect things with one another, moved the printer off of the computer table and moved my laptop off of my writing table and onto the computer table. Then, I swept all the crud off of the floors, put up the shade that's been sitting there waiting for me to put it up for three months or so (I've had a bath towel hanging over the window for several years now), assembled a lamp that I bought for myself several months ago, weeded through my bookcase and got books out to be resold or donated to the library, moved a bunch of stuff that's been hanging around doing nothing into the spare closet in the room, and generally decrapulated everything. Two hours later, I hardly recognized the place. I now have a clear view of the back yard from my writing table, which I've wanted for some time, I have room for all of the computer equipment elsewhere, and the place is more or less clean.

Then, I went to restart everything, and of course the cable internet service was down. I call Comcast, they tell me they know there's a problem, blah blah blah. This morning, internet service is still down. I try a different modem. No connection. I call Comcast. They've got to send someone out. Can't do it today, have to do it tomorrow morning. I have a feeling they need to replace the wire into the house.

Anyway, time to clear out of here (I'm at the office, obviously) and to come in tomorrow.
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