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Nice day today...

You might notice that I've changed out the picture for my LiveJournal. I've uploaded a few of them, but I like the one that I chose the best.

Since yesterday afternoon, things have been really good. (I won't get into what I got into with my boss yesterday, simply because he's not worth wasting my time over.)

Mary graduated yesterday from the Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health, although she still has 20 hours of clinic left to do before she gets her official diploma. Her next step will be to take the certification exam for massage therapists, even though Georgia doesn't require one. (In Georgia, there's no state certification, meaning that each of the 150 counties of the state has its own rules for certification. Most counties, even around Atlanta, treat massage therapists and, shall we say, "masseuses" with the same apparent contempt. The law here in Cobb County lumps "massage parlors" in with pool halls and pawn shops.)

I am very proud of her, to say the least. She did extremely well in her academic work (all A's and several perfect scores), has learned a number of techniques besides Swedish massage (including reflexology, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, chair massage, etc.), and gives a wonderful massage. (If you're going to be in the Atlanta area in the next two months, and would be interested in getting a massage, let me know. You'd be helping her finish her clinic hours as well as treating yourself to a great experience.)

Today, we spent the day visiting a couple of animal rescue related organizations so that Mary could volunteer to do fund-raising, given her success with the fundraiser that she did a couple of weeks ago. We visited SANTA (Spay And Neuter Team Atlanta), which was holding a fundraiser to which Mary had donated a gift certificate for a massage. We saw the woman from whom we had adopted Amy and Jasmine there; her organization was helping with the fundraising effort. As I usually do at events like this, I bought a bunch of raffle tickets, and managed to win a couple of gift certificates (one for a couple of sandwiches at Subway, another for a free oil change) and a painting done by SANTA's director. We managed somehow to leave without another cat.

Then, we went to lunch, then to another cat rescue organization, Good Mews, which has just recently relocated to our part of town. I haven't seen that many cats in that small of a space in a while. They do a wonderful job there of taking care of the cats and offering them for adoption. Mary volunteered to do fundraising for them as well. She also found out about a seminar to be held next month on pet massage. Hmmm...could be a lucrative enterprise for my beloved, and she'd certainly get a lot of practice at home.

So, that was our day. I'm still fighting the residual effects of a cold and have to be off to Cleveland again tomorrow, but it was nice to have a day like today.


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