John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Been a couple of days, ain't it? I'm hanging in there; feeling a bit overworked and underappreciated, but apart from that, I'm all right.

I started a cleanse on Sunday that the doctor recommended as a way to get me back on the path of losing weight. It's pretty miserable-tasting stuff, but I find that if I mix it with enough fruit, it doesn't taste half bad. Yesterday, I mixed in half a container of "smoothie mix" berries from the Publix (straw, black, blue and rasp varieties), this morning it was a chunk of pineapple (the all-American treat!) and a banana. Anything to cover the taste of the stuff. I've been good so far; I've managed to eat right and not much at all between meals. I've been feeling a need to do this, anyway, and I'm feeling much better as a result, and the rebellion of the large intestine that takes place when I start one of these is abated. (TMI! TMI!)

Just finished Jane Heller's An Ex To Grind. There are some authors that I like for no apparent reason, but I like her because I feel like I learn something about writing when I read her books. She does an excellent job of creating tons of trouble for her characters that only gets worse the more they try to get out of it. I've started her Best Enemies as well. I know, I'm weird, I like all this Chick Lit and I'm neither in my twenties nor female. I've been tempted to create a female pen name on occasion. I know, I already have one (or two, or three)....

My intermittent trouble with my right ear has erupted again. Maybe it's the way I clean my ears, or maybe it's the way Mom did when I was growing up (with a bobby pin).

I'm starting to go back through a lot of my old writing projects and ideas that I've had over the years for stories, with an eye toward things that I could actually develop, both for NaNo and for the future. I have a bad tendency (as do most authors, I would wager) of starting projects and never finishing them. There was the story that wouldn't end that I started posting out here that started out great (and, I might add, started as a single story that everyone thought was supposed to go on) that just sort of fell apart. There are a few that involve Ghostletter characters (one that's still out on my website; contact me for details) that started strong and never finished. I'm great at starting stories, I've decided, but never quite know where they're going from there. (magnetox1, are you still out there?)

So, this week I'm going to find some suitable story fragments and either ditch them or work them. That's the writing assignment. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the "back to school" projects; maybe the trick is to just actually do what I said I was going to do.

Later, much. Happy "Talk Like A Pirate" day.
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