John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Day By Day continues on the theme from yesterday's movie.

And speaking of yesterday's movie, has a story about the lovers of free expression.

Found this in the comments section on this entry:

Well, I guess they should "flag" every Daily Show Skit that is posted on You Tube also.

Thats all this was,,, A comedy spoof of Liberals just like the daily show does every day. Once again the Liberals are disgusted with the taste of their own medicine. Im not surprised at all,,, Just surprised the Republicans havent been doing things similar to this before,,, and it took a democrat producer to give the republicans some cojones in the PR war.

Maybe we should hire Zucker to launch a PR campaign in the middle east where we dont seem to have a pair either.

Not a bad idea. The non-left (which includes Republicans, neo-cons, Libertarians, etc.) is sorely underrepresented in Hollywood. Maybe we should create a scholarship for young non-left filmmakers. Ya think?

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