John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

It's Quizzies time!

Got the first one from anderyn and found the others on the same site...

The Planner

Since work and success are your top priorities, you
can pretty much hold any job you want if you
have the drive for it. You would really like
jobs where you can plan things, like business
executive, teacher, journalist, or lawyer. You
may stay away from jobs that focus on seeing
success in other people (Counselor,
psychologist) because you want a job where YOU
decide the success, not someone else.
You generally do well with authority, which is why
you would like someone who would dominate you.
You dont mind taking orders to please other
people, as long as your soulmate doesnt get in
the way of your goals you will be fine. You
can be very stubborn, and you dont want to deal
with putting time or effort into relationships
you know wont last, so you usually have long
term relationships with possessive and
loyal people. Your dream men would be Ares from
Xena, Indiana Jones, Maximus from Gladiator,
and Jeff Corwin. You dream ladies would be
Faith from Buffy, Buffy, and Xena. You most
likely are an Ares, Capricorn, or Virgo. You
most likely
eat really bland food and like things to be plain
and simple and practical. You would love to
get something like a new computer or
organization file for Christmas. You are
probably considered greedy or miserly and you
can relate to Ebeneezer Scrooge in more ways
then one. You probably are in college or plan
to attend college, have very good grades, and
have received some sort of award of excellency
over the years.
Your best friends would be Dreamers and Creators.
You would do well dating a Villian, Leader, or
King. You would have trouble making
conversation with other Planners, and Social
Butterflies would annoy you!

COMPLETE~~With Text Images~~The Super Ultimate Personality Quiz: Who are you? (With long answers!) All answers available, including your ideal job, ideal love interest, and more all in one answer!
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Needless to say, this was way the hell off, but hey, it's just a quiz.

You are very dainty and feminine. You are some what
of a hopeless romantic and dream of meeting
your true love. You really like flowers and
light colors.

You enjoy reading manga, very cute things like
Hello Kitty, and love theatre.

What is your Drawing Style/Doodle Style and what does it say about you?
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Again, way off the mark.

Punk Dweeb!

What is your Inner Loser? COMPLETE w/pics
brought to you by Quizilla

What can I say? 0-for-3. Oh, well, can't win 'em all...


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