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Two days until vacation!

Mary's finally back to practically normal, thank heaven. It's taken her the better part of the last two weeks to get over whatever it was that hit her so badly.

We've been experiencing some phone problems here. The phone will ring once, then stop ringing, and when we'd call in from the outside, we were getting tons of static and no connection. It turned out to be a bad modular phone cord. For want of a nail, huh?

I've gotten some good feedback on the story I posted yesterday. I started the next part last night when the Braves put the game out of reach on the Phillies, and the ideas just keep flowing. I'm looking at this as a rough draft, by the way.

Just finished Vince Flynn's new book, Executive Power. It was great. He's an excellent writer, I think. Next up is Chris Rogers' Bitch Factor. I just finished Chill Factor, and liked it so much that I had to read the rest of her books.

More later...

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