John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

A few funnies for your first day of December:

Tom McMahon (who's sporting a nice hat on his website, by the way) gives us the 4-block view of prices: what they say and Rich and Famous, Part II.

Cox & Forkum gives us a view of our new pen pal.

I've had a monster of a headache since finishing NaNo. I hope I can get over it, or at least get something work-related accomplished while suffering from it. It could be a change in the weather, too.
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    Thanks, Virginia Postrel, for pointing out this website: A word cloud for Chief Jack's Galley!

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    Parkway Rest Stop had this on his site: Not to be outdone, Joan of Argghh! had this:

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    Feel free to keep up with me. I'm john_holton, just like here.

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