John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I wanted to take a minute and show you something that I just got for Christmas. It takes a little explanation:

You've heard me speak time and again about the Ghostletters mailing list. You occasionally see a picture of Mary Cecelia O'Brian, the armed redhead, in my userpic area, and you might recall that she took over my journal a while back. I have a number of other characters who I've written for Ghostletters. One of them is a young biracial woman who was adopted by Mary Cecelia and her then-husband Val Corey (played to the hilt by anderyn) named Abby Constable (her married name; her full name is Abigail Rose Liana Corey Constable). She started out as a throwaway character, a waitress in a coffee shop with blue hair, and it was draiguisge who said, "Hey! That's me! Let's keep her around!" So, I did, and Abby sort of developed a life of her own, so to speak. (You writin' types know exactly what I'm talking about.) I've always had a general idea of what Abby looked like: tall, honey blonde hair, yellow-hazel eyes, light skin, a rather large nose, etc., but, apart from seeing a picture here and a stranger in an airport there, I never really knew what she looked like. Until today.

Anyway, I get a package in the mail today from lourdesmont, another charter member of Ghostletters, who plays, among other characters, Jack O'Brian's wife Dana. (Jack, you might recall, is Mary Cecelia's father, and the "Chief Jack" after whom this journal is named.) In it was a doll. An Abby doll. I took one look, and said, "yep, that's her." I'm talking dead-nuts on. At the risk of embarrassing Lisa, here's Abby:

The face is what really got me. She even got the eyes the right color. I'm a real fusspot about my characters and what they look like. Here's another view of the face.

Lisa, she's beautiful. Thank you so much!
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