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It's like John's World of Computers here. My employer has issued me a company computer, so I'm busy moving things from this laptop to the work computer as well as customizing it and installing some absolutely essential software on it (iTunes, Firefox, FileZilla!, SQL Server 2005, the latest Java, etc.). I also received notice this morning that my Mac Mini should be arriving by 7 PM tomorrow evening. It was on a plane from Indianapolis (hey, Nanny!) at 5:30 this afternoon, so it'll be here in the morning, and probably at the house by lunch time. I hope so, and I hope that this experience turns out better than the last one.

iTunes has links to a lot of Internet radio stations. Right now, I'm listening to an '80's station from France. Earlier, I was listening to RadioIO80. My friend meropa has been influencing me. Anything to blot out the sound of Lucy howling on the other side of the door (I'd let her in, but she's even noisier when she gets in) and Toby wandering around knocking things to the floor. I will probably spend most of the day tomorrow setting up various computers, decrapulating the office, and getting whatever work I can get done finished. Am I having fun? Of course.

I signed up for novel_in_90, and eventually I'm sure I'll write my three pages a day. I'm already six pages behind...such is life. Looks like my install is just about finished here.
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