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Sunday evening

The phone rang at 10 this was anderyn letting me know that she and Bruce were on their way through Georgia and about an hour from my place. I met them for lunch. It was good to see them both; it's nice to see my friends as they pass through town.

Did nothing toward getting my resume together this weekend. The difficult thing about writing a resume, for me, is highlighting the things that you want a potential employer to focus on, rather than putting everything in chronological order. I'm trying to go back into training and development after two years as a technical consultant, and I don't want the fact that I've spent two years away from the classroom to affect a potential employer's decision. If anyone's done what I'm trying to do and had any kind of success with it, and could give me some suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. I know that I should visit the library and pick up a couple of books on resume writing, too. I have seriously considered presenting my resume as a PowerPoint presentation. Think that might be a little too ostentatious?

Back to the job I have tomorrow.

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