John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Looks like I have a stable Mac here. It's been up for four hours, I've updated all the software on it, installed Firefox (which I'm more familiar with than Safari, although they both probably work the same way), I've moved my music over and, but for a few problems that Windows from my old computer is introducing (telling me I can't get at files that are mine, for God's sake) I'm doing fine.

With respect to that, has anyone had any experience moving files from Windows to Mac? I'd really intended on taking the old computer offline and cannibalizing the hard drives from it, and I'm afraid that, unless I keep it running....well, wait a sec, I can always take it offline, take the hard drives out of it, and hook it up to my Windows laptop, couldn't I? Unless someone knows an easier way.
Tags: computers, update

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