John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

It figures that just as I sent off that last blog entry, I found this at

Washington Post Misses the Point on Health Care

This line is particularly telling:

Perhaps Lee should read Tim Carney's book, The Big Ripoff, where Carney chronicles why big business loves big government. One reason is that big business often gets loads of subsidies from big government, and that would surely be the case with these new health insurance proposals

A lot of people grow up believing that the US is a capitalist nation. While this is generally true, you also have elements of fascism (protectionist trade), socialism (Social Security, Medicare), European-style welfare states (most of the New Deal and Great Society), mercantilism (the constant harangue about the trade deficit), and a couple of other economic systems at play here. Be careful when you hear someone in a large government-subsidized industry (that would be most of them any more) extolling the virtues of capitalism; they'd complain the loudest if they actually had to work in a real capitalist system.

Class dismissed.
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