John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

4-Block World reminds us that at least we can feel good about saving the planet.

Damon makes a great point in today's Day By Day. Yesterday, they focused on the show going on behind the President on Tuesday evening. And, on Tuesday, Damon feels sorry for Algore.

Cox & Forkum is a rerun, but about my favorite subject of theirs, the occupant of the White House between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. Attack Cartoons gives us their take on him from a couple of days ago. A couple of days ago, C&F featured Dennis Kucinich, who evidently will preside over the revival of the "hush Rush" bill. There is, of course, the matter of the First Amendment, which ...well, Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform ("stifle the NRA") got past the Supreme Court...Noel Shepherd at Newsbusters has a take on that, by the way, and asks two excellent questions:

Put simply, how is limiting speech that you don’t agree with an exercise in expanding free speech? And, isn’t it most egregious for members of the new media – which clearly epitomizes the explosion of free speech around the world – to be using this fantastic invention to mute the voices of others?

I'd be open to your explanation....

Modified slightly because I don't remember the difference between /a and /i.
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